Travel Doctor supports the ITIT travel health information app of the University of Zurich in collaboration with the World Health Organisation

Get useful travel health information from the World Health Organisation (WHO). Take part in a survey to help detect outbreaks. Tell us about your travel health experience!

How can you make travel safe?

Please TAKE NOTE of the following introduction to the ITIT App. Also downloadable for printing HERE. The APP was developed by Prof Patricia Schlagenhauf of the University of Zurich, in conjunction with the WHO. It provides WHO-backed travel health information on travel-related diseases and individual country risk profiles to you and your travellers.

Travel Doctor requests travellers to download the application and sign up every time you travel. The data that will be submitted is anonymous and at the same time, it MAY provide alerts on disease outbreaks, e.g. if a whole group of travellers in Mumbai all submit that they are unwell and suffering from gastro…

Share it with your network and help make travel safe for all travellers!

Travel Doctor Team

Click here for more information on the ITIT – TRAVEL HEALTH APP