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Dear Yvonne

Sitting on a jampacked (no space for a hyphen) Airlink flight. Aisle seat with Father and 18 month old squashed in between me and the Karoo.  Sweet…

Just read your final article.  Eish, that De Frey guy –  very aggressive and outspoken. Just nearly got arrested on entering CIA by G4S security type for refusing to ritually sanitise on entering the airport.  Got caught unawares by the temperature cannon aimed at the entrance. Lucky enough to not get caught in the act with a raging fever…

Now we all sit here like characters in a Marvel movie…. All masked up and hopefully going to Jozi.

I must admit, I don’t mind the masks too much. Spent a day or two at the Mining Indaba at the CTICC. Hordes of monied looking mining types  –  and LOTS of snorts and sneezes doing the rounds. Scary, as we were doing Covid tests for a major mine house on all volunteers and the worried not-so-well… Only two tests were positive. This means every other symptomatic person is suffering from one of the zillions of ‘normal’ early winter viruses making a big comeback.  Would love to spend some money finding out who they all were.  Grumpy no doubt, being  (still) seriously upstaged by That Virus. …and how much of what is going around is caused by our seasonal influenza types? …and how many people there, Covid vaxxed, not a smile or a grimace insight, have had a seasonal ‘flu vaccine? NOT very many.

We lost a very dear friend, triple vaccinated, to Covid on 1 May. In the prime of her life, one month retired.  She passed away because there is way too much virus around.  There is way too much virus around because we pretend having 40 odd percent of the South African population fully or once vaccinated is an achievement.  The masses are quietly proud of the fact that an estimated 70% of them can sport waning natural immunity. The politicians continue empty rhetoric about vaccine apartheid instead of tackling vaccine hesitancy and low education levels amongst the population. So the virus mutates on in the immune systems of the marvellously masked, ritually sanitised, blissfully ignorant.

If Ms Sidley’s body corporate really wants to save Sandton and the rest of us from this wretched virus they would insist on everyone who lives and visits there to show proof of full vaccination. Then we can all go outside and smile visibly, smelling the roses, literally.



Dr Albie de Frey, AZ2; J&J1; Pfizer1

Stop the Theatre, Flatten the Fear