Traveller Information




Never has it been so easy to travel. A whole new experience awaits anyone struck with ‘wanderlust’. Safari’s in Africa, Trekking in Nepal, Cruises down the Nile the list goes on.

The Travel Doctor aims to ensure that all you come back with are some great memories, nice photos and maybe a video recording. That’s why we offer the International Traveller a range of important health care services and traveller information.


Vaccinations & Malaria

When visiting some destinations it is often advisable to receive vaccinations against diseases like Hepatitis A or Typhoid. Some countries require that you receive Yellow Fever and then of course there is Malaria. We can give you the correct advice for your journey and design an appropriate vaccination schedule.

For most people an appointment should be made about 4 to 5 weeks prior to departure. If you’re planning something a little more adventurous then 6 to 8 weeks may be more appropriate.


Post-Exposure Screening

Many tropical diseases only present themselves weeks maybe months after the person has returned. The post-exposure service is designed to detect the presence of such diseases. If you are unwell after returning home then maybe we can offer some assistance.


Travel Accessories

Insects repellents, mosquito nets and other items form an important part of your health care regime while you are abroad. We have a comprehensive range of accessories available in our centres.