Travel Health Research

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Travel Doctor is passionate about making your experience as a short or long term traveller as safe and healthy as possible and in doing so, make the world a better place.  No one ever embarks on a  journey however short or long and returns “in the same skin”. We rub off on those we encounter in far-off lands and return with a thin new layer obtained from those we interacted with.

In spite of the massive numbers of people who  travel, very little research is done on the impact travel has on our psychological well-being and development.

Travel Doctor is proud to assist a young researcher from the University of the North West in her research on the character strengths, resilience and well-being of accompanying expatriate partners during international relocation.

If you share our passion for travel as a means of uniting the people of the world and to see whether you  fulfill the criteria to  participate in the study, click on the link / image and follow the instructions.

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