PCR-Coronavirus Testing for Travellers.

Coronavirus tests for travellers


PCR Info Contact Number : 010 900 30 31 

Do you want to travel abroad again? Some countries and /or airlines have placed specific requirements for preventing infection with the coronavirus (COVID-19) in place. In some cases, a coronatest (COVID-19 PCR test) is required and you will need to provide a certificate confirming that you have tested negative for COVID-19 within a certain time frame prior to  departure.

Travel During the Pandemic


Most countries and airlines have imposed specific testing requirements on travellers before they will be allowed to board flights. Check with your airline and destination country - and allow us to help you meet your pre-travel COVID testing requirements. 

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* Turn-around times depend on laboratory capacity as driven by the phase of the pandemic.

Airline Specific Information 


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The Travel Doctor can provide you with the necessary test and certification under specific circumstances.

NOTE: We can now perform a PCR test WITHOUT a nasopharyngeal SWAB! 

NO Swab required!


  • Our in-house testing service is ONLY for outbound travellers.
  • We ONLY test persons who are free from ANY health complaints:
  • HEALTH COMPLAINTS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: Fever, cough, sore throat, muscle and joint pain, cold symptoms.

Before you proceed, please read and acknowledge the following conditions carefully

  • You are required to book and pay for your appointment two (2) working days before the 72 hour period prior to your flight departure time. E.g. if your flight departs on Friday afternoon at 14H00 your PCR Swab must be taken no earlier than Tuesday afternoon 14H00 and you need to  book and pay no later than Friday of the previous week. If you fly on Saturday at 14H00 you have to book no later than the previous Monday.
  • If you travel abroad, please take note of local South African regulations as well as  requirements at your destination.
  • You can find more information at the following (as well as at other) official government sites NICD.ac.za
  • Please note that PCR testing does not give a 100% guarantee that you are not infected with the virus at the time of testing:

Please click on or Scan the QR Code below to sign up for: Pre-departure PCR Testing, and COVID Negative Certificate.

Notes on Testing

  • The cost of COVID-19 Screening and certification will be R1150.00 (VAT Inc) per test.


Who do we test?

A number of airlines and countries have imposed requirements on passengers from South Africa because we are  considered a high COVID-19 risk by many countries. These countries require travellers to provide proof that they have recently tested negative for COVID-19 before they will be allowed to enter that country. We will test people for COVID-19, by appointment only. For more information: IATA news.

Who  don’t  we test?

We only test people do not have any health problems or COVID-19 symptoms. Have you got, or are you developing, any complaints such as fever, cough, sore throat or a runny nose? Unfortunately we will not be able to test you – please consult your GP. Have you already booked an appointment? Please call 010 900 3013 to reschedule. If you made an online appointment you can use the link sent to you by e-mail  to reschedule your appointment.

What does the PCR test consist of?

The purpose of a PCR test is to detect the presence of genetic material (RNA) from the COVID-19 virus in your nasal or oral cavity. A sample is taken from your nose and throat using a swab. Our laboratory partners will perform  this test and make sure that the results are available within 24 – 48 hours. You will then receive the result in the form of a certificate in English by e-mail.

The test carries a risk of spreading the virus IF present and therefore the nurse always wears personal protective equipment such as splash goggles, an FFP2 mask, gloves and an apron.

Does the PCR tests result guarantee that you  do  not have C-19?

The test results do not provide any guarantee: – It may be that you are still in the incubation period and the virus is still undetectable – or you may become infected during the period between the test and your departure. The test does not provide any proof or guarantee of validity.

Will my medical aid pay for the test?

If you have symptoms, you can contact your GP to arrange a test, the cost of which should be carried by your medical aid. Check with your health insurer if costs of a test carried out for travel purposes will be reimbursed.

For how long is the C-19 test valid?

A PCR test is a snapshot. Countries have different guidelines on the length of time after a test during which you may travel to the country based on a health certificate. Always check these carefully yourself and plan your appointment accordingly so that your certificate is still valid when you arrive at your destination. The “standard”  time of validity  is 72 hours –  but make doubly sure of your destination and remember to include transit time!

Does the test result guarantee entry to  my destination country?

You can find out whether restrictions apply to your destination via this IATA website. The requirements and guidelines vary from country to country and also change regularly. It is important for you to check the current status yourself (e.g. on your destination country website) and whether any additional certificates are required. You should follow the information provided by your travel agent or airline.

How long does it take to  get the result?

You will receive the results of your PCR test within 40 – 72 hours. (Including weekends). Depending on laboratory capacity.

Can I  be tested on a weekend?

It is possible to take the tests every day of the week (including weekends). The tests are performed in the morning so the result can come back to you after 24-36 hours.

Where can I  be tested?

  • At our clinics in RosebankNorthcliff and Cape Town by appointment only.
  • At any of our associated laboratories country-wide
  • At any of our associated quarantine hotels
  • At your office / work premises (by pre-arrangement only)


What if I test positive?

If you test positive, you will not be allowed to travel by your airline / destination country. You will have to self-quarantine for ten days from the date of your positive test. We will arrange a repeat PCR for you once you have a new travel date. Note the PCR may remain positive for several weeks, even if you are no longer infective. We will provide you with the necessary certification to allow you to travel. In certain cases we will request an antibody test on your behalf.

If I tested negative elsewhere, do I have to  repeat the test with you?

If you  tested somewhere else because of suspected C-19  and you need a written confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test for a specific destination, then you can contact us. We can only provide confirmations of tests that we have carried out ourselves.

When do I need a COVID-19 antibody test?

Antibody tests do not provide proof of an acute infection with COVID-19 nor does the presence of antibodies guarantee an immunity against COVID-19. However, some countries require proof of antibodies from travellers. In such cases we can arrange a laboratory based antibody test.

Can my child be tested?

Yes, your child can also be tested. We naturally take into account that it can be an unnerving experience for your child. Children up to the age of 16 are only tested under the supervision of a parent or caregiver.