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[dt_sc_four_sixth]Smithfield Cottages – welcomes you to experience an authentic and gracious stay. Located in Rooseveld Park in Johannesburg, we are a specialist Medical Guest House who deal mainly with patients and family using Milpark Hospital, the Donny Gordan Medical Institution and the Johannesburg Eye Hospital. [www.smithfieldcottages.co.za][/dt_sc_four_sixth]

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[dt_sc_four_sixth]Drifters – has gone from strength to strength to become one of the most formidable forces in tourism in Southern Africa. Our philosophy is based on one of SUSTAINABILITY – the long-term assurance that whatever activity we conduct in any specific natural area must contribute to the conservation and to the well-being of the inhabitants of that area. [www.drifters.co.za][/dt_sc_four_sixth]
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Die Agterplaas – is situated at the foot of the historical Melville Koppies. The view, tranquillity and bird life easily lull visitors into forgetting they’re in South Africa’s busiest city. [www.agterplaas.co.za][/dt_sc_four_sixth]

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[dt_sc_four_sixth]Canada Abroad – offers regulated paid Canadian immigration consulting services to clients around the world.

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Beatha Healthcare – offers specialised Infusion Therapy, Wound Care and Wellness Centre facilities.
Phone: +27 010 035 0090
After Hours / Emergencies: +27 (0)73 916 7867
Address: Stepping Stone Garden Village, 283 Honeydew Road West, North Riding, Randburg, Gauteng.
Website: www.beatha.co.za [/dt_sc_four_sixth]