Confirmation for Travellers

Many travellers have been turned away at borders and establishments abroad due to the fact that they are:

  • Not vaccinated
  • Their South African Covid-19 vaccination certificates are not accepted as adequate proof of vaccination due to the lack of e.g. a QR code as is found on European Union member country certificates.
  • They do not have a digital or “Green Passport”

The South African Government is still deciding about a digital passport that would be accepted abroad and there is no unform standard of digital passport globally.

However, Travel Doctor can assist!

Book an appointment, call 0861 300 911

Bring along your:

  1. South African ID number or passport used to access the EVDS
  2. EVDS Verification number
  3. Hard copy Covid-10 vaccine card
  4. Your ICVP / Yellow Fever Card IF YOU HAVE ONE

Cost: R200-00 VAT inclusive

We are proud to be 100% vaccinated to protect ourselves and others!

Stop the Spread. Flatten the Fear!


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