More and more companies and multinational organisations are engaging in business in new and developing regions. This Wordwide Travel medical Consultants is particularly true of those involved in Information Technology, Engineering, Consultancy and Banking. We work with many leading companies from these sectors.

As an employer you want to ensure your staff are properly protected and remain in good health while they are abroad. To this end the Travel Doctor Group partners with WORLDWIDE TRAVEL MEDICAL CONSULTANTS to provide the following range of services:


Education Seminars

One of our medical staff can attend to give a seminar on health issues related in travelling and working overseas. This can form a useful part of your training program for new recruits or as part of an ongoing educational program.


Pre-Departure Medical Screening

Our Pre-Departure services are designed to ensure your personnel are prepared mentally and physically to work overseas. This involves a full range of tests including psychological assessment, physical and laboratory based tests. Employees are also scheduled with whatever vaccines are necessary to ensure they are adequately protected.



Many tropical diseases only present themselves weeks maybe months after the person has returned. The post-exposure service is designed to ensure no health problems have occurred while the individual was overseas. Combining the Post and Pre Departure consultations provides the best level of protection.


Next Step

Our experience working with other organisations means we can design a health care program tailored to your needs.