“As of December 15, 2016 it will be the responsibility of Panel Physicians to ensure that Upfront Medical Examinations are only conducted for Students, Workers, Visitors and Express Entry applicants. All other applicants should be advised to await instructions from IRCC. To comply with this new process, Panel Physicians are not to book new Upfront Medical Examination appointments for Family Class applicants. A new application process for spousal and dependent child sponsorships comes into effect on December 15, 2016. As part of this updated process, Upfront Medical Examinations are no longer required for Family Class applicants being sponsored as spouses, common law partners, conjugal partners or dependent children. After this date all Family Class applicants using the new process will be issued medical instructions which include an Immigration Medical Examination number generated by IRCC.”

Dear Client, We look forward to assisting you with your Canadian Immigration Medical Examination.


To schedule an appointment, please action the following :

  • Complete an online information document per person. (adults & children)
  • Attach to this application form, a scanned copy of the relevant passport per person. (adults & children)
  • Attach to this application form, any confirmation of IME / UMI / UCI number received from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) – These numbers are unique client identifiers that appear on any official documents you receive.

Once all of this information has been received, a representative will contact you via email to arrange an appointment based on your appointment preference selected.

To note :
If no appointment confirmation is received from yourself within 48 hours, your application and appointment request will be cancelled.

To note :
The complete Medical, including the Medical Examination, X-Rays and identified blood tests should take about approximately 2 – 3 hours per person.

Please bring to the Appointment: for each person being examined

  • Original Passport.
  • Spectacles (if used) / Children’s clinic card and vaccination records.
  • Previous relevant medical records (for any prescription medication, a recent Doctor`s report is required) – the submission process may be delayed until such time these documents are received.
  • All relevant forms and letters received from Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) with confirmation of IME/UMI/UCI number/s which are unique client identifiers that appear on any official documents you receive.

Please be prompt for your Canadian Immigration Medical Examination and ensure all necessary documentation is produced on arrival for each person requiring the medical examination.


(Please note that the costs may vary depending on the medical findings or further testing requirements)

To note: prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please note these prices are effective 01 January 2017 until further notice.

Medical Examination by Doctor – Applicable to adults and children
(excludes any referrals necessary identified during Consultation)
Urinalysis – Applicable to 5 years +
(excludes any referrals necessary identified during Consultation)
R 1,500.00 incl VAT
X-Rays (Chest) – Applicable to 11 years +
(to pay Service Provider directly)
R 650.00 incl VAT
Mandatory Blood Tests (HIV, Syphilis) – Applicable to 15 years +
(to pay Service Provider directly)
(excludes any additional tests necessary identified during Consultation)
R 466.10 incl VAT
TOTAL R 2,616.10 incl VAT

Other Costs:

Review of applications returned by the IRCC / Additional / Follow up Medical Examination by Doctor R 550.00 incl VAT


  • The Medical Examination and X-Rays may be paid in cash or with a debit / credit card. We do not accept cheques or medical aid for these assessments.
  • The Blood Tests and X-Rays have the option to claim from medical aid for these assessments, dependent on the Medical Aid Provider / Plan type etc. Failing which these may also be paid in cash or with a debit / credit card.


General Questions & Answers:

I have questions on whether my family and I qualify, what the requirements are, scoring and other general information – who can I talk to?
Do I need to make an appointment for this or can I just walk in? How far in advance should I schedule an appointment?
I cannot access / complete the online application form?
I don't have an IME / UMI / UCI number, can I still proceed to have a medical?
What happens if I am menstruating or I am pregnant?
I am currently on prescription medication, is this a problem?
I had surgery out when I was 3 years old, I am now 43, is this a problem?
What is the process for attending the medical, will it really take 2 – 3 hours per person?
What happens after attending the Medical?
What proof do I have that I went for a Medical?
I want a copy of the results of the Medical, how do I get this?
Who makes the final decision on my Medical?
Can I claim back from my Medical Aid for the Consultation, Blood Tests and X-rays ?
Can I use this opportunity to have my annual medical done, have additional blood tests done, update any scripts that I need etc ?
Can someone watch my children, while I am in the Consultation with the Doctor ?
I will be expecting an important call so I need to have my cellphone on during the consultation with the Doctor ?
Do I have to bring my passport with to the Consultation ?
I currently have / previously had a medical condition, should I bring a report ?
Do I need to bring photos with me ?
Is there a canteen / tea-room / restaurant available on site ?
Is there somewhere for my children to play on site ?
Will it be up to the Doctor to decide if I pass the exam or not ? Can I bring the Doctor chocolates and flowers and ``bribe`` my way through the exam ?
Can I submit an application even though I don`t have my passport with me ?
I want to know the status of my application / approval of submission – who do I contact ?
How do I know if I actually need a medical to be done ?
Are there different fee structures for children / pensioners / students / workers / visitors / family members ?
Are you open on Saturdays ?
What will happen once I arrive at the Consultation ? Can you talk me through the steps of what takes place on the day ?

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